SearchLock – A Privacy-Friendly Tool

SearchLockThere are many factors that affect the privacy of a certain individual which sometimes make their life more complicated. We cannot deny that different people are bound to do different things in their entire life that make them satisfied. There are inevitable factors which bring worry on the part of every person that is why they are doing the best that they can to make their life remain private even though they are always using the Internet for different purposes. It is good to know that surfing the Internet is very much safer because of the development of SearchLock.

Most people who are able to use SearchLock gave positive regarding it. All of them were satisfied when it comes to the benefits that they got from SearchLock, which gave them assurance to browse safer. Adding this on extension to Chrome would protect the privacy that you have. Everything is made possible by means of SearchLock that is why there is no need to worry regarding your privacy when you browse the Internet for different reasons. Considering that this is a free tool, all would be given the chance to install this, giving you a life full of privacy.

Learning that all searches are not kept private, people would become even more concern regarding their privacy which would trigger them to look for ways to make their searches remain private. This is where the benefits of SearchLock would come in to ensure that all their searches would keep in a way that there would be no means to track all the searches that they had. This is also responsible for preventing the keystroke by the popular search engines, disassociates the searches that mainly come from the identifiable accounts online, and prevents ISP to track the search names of each user. It is also important to know that SearchLock would not retain the server logs, and would not use nay of the tracking tools which would compromise the privacy.

SearchLock is not responsible for collecting and maintaining personal information of the user that is why you can guarantee that all your personal information would be properly kept. The agreements that they have with their advertising partners have provisions in order to prevent sharing of any personal data. Using this would encrypt your query with SSL implementation which maintains “A” rating with the Qualys SSL labs. Knowing that the search engines are not responsible for encrypting queries, the ISP could access and intercept them as well as connect them to the web or any of the cable account. But when you use SearchLock to the browser, the search queries would be encrypted which means the ISP could not read them anymore.

SearchLockToday is the best time to install SearchLock and enjoy safe and secured browsing knowing that using this would give you the chance to make all your searches remain private by all means. There are many ways that can affect the life of vey individual that is why it is a must to look for ways so that every search that you do would remain yours and would not be tracked in any way. SearchLock is simply the best tool to use which would give you peace of mind every time you browse the Internet. It is not easy to maintain privacy nowadays because of the development of the Internet and social media but through the help of SearchLock, every individual would be given the chance to have the kind of privacy that they are aiming for. This is a privacy-friendly tool that is why you can expect a lot from it which would make you feel satisfied and contented.